Carrie and I want to thank you all for your support and professionalism over the last 18 months. Beginning the summer of 2015 you helped us start the process of getting our home of 28 years ready for the market. A big part of that was supplying references to contractors who were reliable, conscientious and reasonably priced. Once you gave the approval of our updates, the house was on the market and under contract within a few weeks.

Due to the extent of our renovations, we wanted to move into a rental property during the work. Your team helped locate a suitable rental in a tight market only a few weeks before school was starting. Team members that are willing to get up early to be the first one to see prospective properties paid off.

Once our home closed, we were off on a new adventure of finding a lot and a builder for our dream home. You were always available to bounce ideas off and point us to new locations to explore. You set up interviews with several builders so we could see what each offered and find one that we felt could meet our goals.

Designing and building a new home is not without challenges, but having a great Realtor along the way really paid off. From critiquing house plans, setting expectations, and running interference when necessary, we now have the house we dreamed of, but were unsure at times if we could make it a reality.

Full disclosure: I (Mark) have known Dennis and Sharon since junior high, but had no contact with them until fate and FaceBook reconnected us after too many years to mention. Not only do Carrie and I have our dream home, we have new friends for, I hope, many years to come.

M. and C. Yarbough — Royse City