I first started interacting with Sharon Ratzman Worthy and her team in 2006. She was a part of an amazing group of people who helped me find my first house in the Dallas area. They were absolutely fantastic in their focus on my concerns and paid close attention to my likes and dislikes during the process of both finding a home, as well as through the entire purchase process. I would show up to our meetings with a few ideas as to what I wanted, based on my research, and her team would always have those, and many more options, that I had not considered, nor would I have found, had it not been for her team. That level of concern and attention to detail has continued to this day. Sharon was a big help in helping me find another home. in another part of the state, after a change of employment location brought about another move. Not only has she answered any questions that I have had regarding working the “deal” on a home purchase, but she has also provided valuable, shoot from the hip, insight. Along with helping in the home purchase process, she has also helped with renting my former residence after I had to move. Sharon and her team have always been there for me when I needed them and have allowed me to maintain peace of mind when it comes to any of my real estate concerns. I have referred her to friends, who have mentioned that the bond due to her displayed concern was immediate, and they knew that they not only had a very talented real estate professional, but a new friend.

M. Owens
San Angelo